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Lee Pollock Therapist.
Therapy Sessions
My Approach

It is only natural to have reservations and concerns about contacting someone for help and I pride myself on providing a friendly, approachable, confidential environment. Please feel free to contact me for a free, no obligation chat to see if I can help.

About Me

I have vast experience in helping others achieve their goals in both a professional and personal capacity. My extensive knowledge of various forms of therapy allows me to adopt the most relevant methods and formulate a tailored plan that is specific to you. 



Everybody has stress in their lives, it’s how this stress impacts on you that differs. We can help you build the resources needed to enable you to deal with the stress to stop it impacting on your life.


Weight Management

We can instil the resources and knowledge needed for you to achieve your goals and improve your health, self-confidence and self-esteem. Motivation is driven by results, the more you see the benefits of your changes the more motivated you will be to continue.


Lifestyle and Personal Concerns

We will help you understand the cause of your issue and then coach you on how best to overcome the impact it has on you.


Sleep and Insomnia

We can implement a plan to help you achieve a full night’s sleep, leaving you refreshed and energetic and ready for the day ahead.



 We are here to assist you in identifying the main issues and guiding you to coping with them in a positive way and emerging from your temporary depressed state.


Confidence and Self-esteem

 We have many techniques and proven interventions to make you believe in yourself and have the confidence to let go of such concepts as perfection and to feel safe to make mistakes. We can encourage you to ‘have-a-go’ and believe that you can generate something worthwhile in doing so.


Grief, Loss and Separation

Everyone suffers forms of grief and we are here to help make the experience as untraumatic as possible.


Habits, Obsessions, Fears and Phobias

Whether it be biting your nails or experiencing agoraphobia we have the experience and techniques to help you quit or overcome these habits or fears. We can provide you with the essential tools needed to implement these techniques away from the therapy session until your issues have disappeared and no longer have an impact on your life and, most importantly, will not return.


Walking Therapy

Although we offer on-line therapy we also engage in face-to-face sessions. These can be organised to suit your own personal needs or preferences.  Walking therapy is a great way to receive a therapeutic session whilst contributing to your mental wellbeing at the same time.

I didn't know what direction to go professionally. But talking to Lee certainly put my life back on track.

Robert .G. Age 47

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